A Fairer, Sustainable and Inclusive Britain

Who Are We?

The Inclusion Post believes in inclusive, sustainable societies for all. Our platform provides talented authors with an opportunity to create inspiring, empowering and informative content that reflects the lived experiences of women and ethnic minorities in the UK. 

We will challenge the popular narrative and stereotypes often placed on members belonging to these groups. By doing this, we ‘humanise them’ as people doing the best that they can in their everyday lives. We will provide content about the effect of climate change on our planet and promote ideas and strategies from industry experts on ways in which we all can reduce its impact. 

We focus mainly on inclusivity and strive to make everybody feel completely at peace with each other, regardless of ethnicity, gender or social class as well as supporting initiatives that tackle climate change and relevant factors that are linked to it. 

The Inclusion Post is a platform that communicates the message of inclusivity and sustainability to our audience,intending to better inform them to then take actions in their own lives.


What do we do?

Our platform is made up of an extremely diverse community- in every aspect: ethnicity; gender; social class and general beliefs. By utilising such a varied group of writers, we passionately create empowering articles that raise important issues and tackle them head-on. 

Some of the topics we cover include climate change, female and minority ethnic entrepreneurship, health and wellbeing, sport, politics, employment, and education. We use current, and past content to highlight changes that must be made to see any progression in the UK. We aim to facilitate change through engagement with public bodies, organisations, interest groups and stakeholders that lead to positive tangible outcomes.  

It is crucial to us, as an inclusive platform, that all people whether that is in regards to ethnicity, sexuality, religious belief or gender, feel comfortable while reading our articles, we also strive to make communities more environmentally sustainable and easier to live in for us all.

Above all, we aim to give hope to those who care about creating a fairer and environmentally sustainable society for all, by discussing issues within a variety of different contexts we will make sure we provide an informative collection of articles. 


Are your articles reliable?

Our articles are sourced correctly, giving readers the chance to read more into the topic to further their understanding of the discussion taking place in the article. Our statistics have been fact-checked numerous times and links to relevant websites, to ensure that all of the information we are feeding our readers is correct and relevant.

Pictures are often included in our articles to provide evidence or help the reader imagine what we are talking about in more vivid ways. In addition, we have a team of editors who make sure to look over the articles in vigorous detail before publishing them, they triple check all the facts and make sure everything has been sourced correctly, making for a pleasant and reliable read.