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Easter Sunday

17 April 2022

Easter Sunday is a major Christian holiday, and it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death. As with many other Christian celebrations, it is considered to be a Moveable Feast, and its date always falls on the first Sunday after the ecclesiastical full moon, which happens between March 21 and April 25. Easter Sunday is not a public holiday, therefore most stores are open, as they follow Sunday business hours.


When is Easter?

Easter marks the end of the Passion of Christ period, which begins with the 40 days of lent, symbolizing the days that Jesus spent in the desert being tempted by the Devil, and culminates in the Holy Week, with the Holy Thursday when Jesus had his Last Supper, the Good Friday when Jesus was crucified and finally Easter Sunday, marking the day of his resurrection.

Where does the word Easter come from?

Although there is some debate, most agree that Easter derives from Eostre or Eostre, which was a goddess whom spring fertility pagan festivals honored. These festivals took place during the spring equinox, and it is believed that Christians took the name and celebrations from these festivals.

Why do we celebrate Easter?

Easter Sunday is regarded as the foundation of Christian faith, as it marks the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion.

In around 30 A.D, Roman Emperor Pontius Pilate sentenced Jesus Christ to death, after having him arrested by his troops for alleging him to be the “Son of God”. After his death, he was buried in a tomb that was closed off with a big rock. It is said that three days after his burial, Jesus’ followers found the tomb open upon visiting it, and Jesus’ body was missing. During this period, Jesus Christ appeared to many of his followers, before ascending to heaven to be with his father and live an eternal life.

In the Bible, it is written that believers who celebrate this day and have faith in Jesus’ resurrection will also have eternal life. Thus why Easter Sunday became a popular celebration with the Christian religion.


17 April 2022