The UK has thousands of influential black business owners, and here we have highlighted ten of the best. All of their journeys’ and experiences helped them to create successful business, and in some cases support networks for those less fortunate.


Izzy Obeng – Twitter @IzzyObeng.

A leading figure in the fight for representation in the digital technology sector, Izzy Obeng is taking steps in removing barriers for ethnic minority entrepreneurs. Founded Foundervine in 2018. Since then it has helped over 2,000 diverse future leaders create, test and sustain enterprises. By providing those who are rarely represented in the digital technology sector with training and sufficient investment, Izzy is ensuring their place in the business world continues to grow.


Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE – Twitter @aimafidon.

Founder of Stemettes, a social enterprise that helps girls aged 5-22 pursue their dream careers in Science, Engineering, Maths and Technology Imafidon is helping to create a new generation of successful women. Named the most influential woman in the UK’s tech industry by Computer Weekly Magazine in 2020 Imafidon’s work is recognised by some of the largest institutions in the UK. No institution carries as much weight as the Royal Institution in the UK, who showed their support of Anne-Marie’s work in 2017 with an MBE. Even more astonishing Anne-Marie graduated from Oxford University at 20 years old with a Master’s degrees in both mathematics and computer science.


Founder of Vitae London, a watch brand worn by Richard Branson and Ava DuVernay. William seeks to combine his business with the pursuit of social justice and equality. Each sale Vitae London makes sees children in Africa through school with two sets of school uniforms or equipment for solar powered energy. William grew up on a south London estate and had to take a leap of fate to establish himself. Thankfully, Richard Branson took him under his wing and would mentor him in the world of business.


Founder of Angel Investing School. Andy has helped thousands of young people with disposable income, learn how to invest successfully. Andy grew up in a British-Ghanian family, and has utilised his upbringing to help fight the lack of diversity in business investment. Looking to battle outdated conceptions of investment, Andy ensures that every cohort of his school has a 50% gender and ethnicity mix. Before founding Angel Investing School Andy was a product manager for World First and managing director for Backstage Capital.